Programme Overview

The Partner Programme has been designed to deliver the information and services that you need to enable your sales, marketing and technical teams, by providing on-demand content, advice, updates and service requests.

The programme breaks down into 4 key areas of support: technical, sales and marketing, finance, and logistical and warehousing. Read more about these by expanding the content below or go to the "Your Benefits" page to see how these apply to you. In addition, all of these are brought together in one place, here, on the BaseCamp partner portal.

Please note that access to, and inclusion in, the partner programme is subject to meeting your reseller contract terms and conditions as well as the programme's terms and conditions. It is a priveledge which, if abused, we retain the right to revoke. If you cannot find your reseller or partner programme contract details, please raise a query with your account manager on or +44 (0) 1291 430 567. Partner Support Includes:
More About the BaseCamp Online Portal

To find out more about using the BaseCamp online portal, simply visit our portal information and frequently asked questions page by following the link provided.